The scratch ticket is one of the mini-games in My Singing Monsters. Every day users automatically receive one free scratch ticket. Players may also purchase further tickets for 2 each, either by pressing the "replay" button immediately after clearing a ticket or at the Castle (but only while the Castle is not in the process of being upgraded). These tickets are a typical scratch card game. There are six boxes to scratch, and each box will reveal a different reward. Once three boxes reveal the same reward, you win that prize. There is also a scratch ticket option in the Nursery of each of the five Natural element islands. This scratch ticket gives you a free Egg when you match three eggs of the same monster.  The waiting time for another monster-egg ticket is one week, and it costs 10  to purchase another ticket.

Rewards Edit

Castle Version Edit

These are the "base values".  The Coin and Food rewards scale up as the game is played.

Rarity Coins Food Diamonds
Common 100 100 2
Uncommon 1,000 1,000 10
Rare 10,000 10,000 100
Top Prizes 100,000 100,000 1,000

Nursery Version Edit

The specific monsters available depend on the island where the ticket is being played.  The Seasonal monsters are available only in the limited times when those monsters can be bought or bred.

Rarity Monsters
Common Single Element Monsters
Uncommon Double Element Monsters
Rare Triple and Quad Element Monsters
Very Rare Seasonal Monsters

Gameplay Edit

Every ticket yields a prize, but it is usually (about 90% of the time) low-value. Smaller rewards are much more likely than bigger ones. In addition, coins and food are much more likely rewards than diamonds in the Castle scratch game. 

If you are playing the Nursery scratch card game, single element monsters are much more common than monsters with multiple elements. The top prizes are monsters with four elements and monsters which were only avalible for limited time periods, such as the Yool. The monsters found in the scratch ticket will also be appropriate for the island that you play the scratch game on (e.g. if you play the scratch ticket game on Cold Island you will not get any monsters with the Earth element).