"Harksichord brings a heavenly aura to the Wublin Island with it's electric music and beautiful voice"

Description Edit

Harksichord is a new Wublin which was released on May 17th 2017.

It is a small flying elf like creature holding a giant electronic harp. It wears white robes and can pick up it's harp while playing it. While not playing, it's harp rests on the ground

Song Edit

Harksichord's song starts along with Brump's second part of the song, near the song's end.

Harksichord play's it's electronic harp in a matter which goes along with Gheegur's song and sings "La ha ya, la, la, ha ya ha ya." 5 times

Strategy Edit

These eggs are needed to wake up this wublin. It is the hardest wublin to get and you have 18 days to complete it

  • 1x Ghast
  • 1x Grumpyre
  • 1x Reebro
  • 1x Jeeode
  • 1x Humbugg
  • 1x Entbrat
  • 1x Deedge
  • 1x Riff
  • 1x Shellbeat
  • 1x Quarrister

Teasers Edit

Solve the puzzle to find the 17th Wubln












Trivia Edit

  • Harksichord was also released along with an extension to the Wublin Island which would allow for more Wublins. This could be bought for 1,000,000 coins

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