"Poop Island is a loud place where clean buttholes are extremely rare. So, if you get there and the Monsters are sleeping, enjoy it while you can, they won't be sleeping much longer."

About Edit

This island is the most disgusting island in the history of MSM islands. The farting sounds are most disturbing and the castle even looks like a vagina. The air is misty brown, meant to look like diarrhea and the clouds are ballsacs.

Indigenous Monsters Edit

Image Monster Level Avalible Breeding Time
Icegg Icegg Ggjtjufjufjut 0:01:00
Wolfrack Wolfrack 1 0:00:30
Stomusic Stomusic 7 1:00:00
Barkbeat Barkbeat 7 4:00:00
Crabock Crabock 7 4:00:00
Punchost Punchost 9 4:00:00
Plataplant Plataplant 7 4:00:00
Slitherock Slitherock 9 12:00:00

Rocks and Trees Edit

Fetishes are trees, barf bags are rocks.

Music Edit

fart oiio

Notes/Trivia Edit


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